My reflection for the aesthetics lesson


After completing my bag, I am most satisfied with the hand-stitched decoration on the bag. Also, the piping of the bag appeals to me very much as it makes my bag appears more dimensional and structured, which pleased me very much. However, I would like to modify the shape of the bag if I can, as it appears to be a little too long in length. Not to mention that the machining on the bag is not that straight and up to standards as we had limited time to make the bag. Through this coursework, I have learnt that the making of a bag requires much thinking and decision-making throughout the entire process. Another knowledge that I have gained from these lessons is that sometimes you have to think about your thinking and decisions in order to get what you want. This includes the time when I was making my bag. During this process, I realized that along the way, I made quite a few modifications to the design of my bag, such as the decoration and the length of the straps in order to “suit my taste”.

These are the straps that I will use for my bag.I cut out 2 rectangular pieces of cloth before machining a L-shape along the cloth after folding it into half.Then,I used a chopstick to push the inside out in order to form the straps.Then,I sealed the other ends up and the straps are completed!
The straps that I will use for the bag! These are made  from the same piece of bolster case.I cut out 2 pieces of  rectangular cloth and folded it into halves with the wrong side out.Then,I machined 2 L-shapes onto the pieces of cloth and used a chopstick to push the inside out with the chopstick positioned at the sealed ends.Then,I stitched the  ends up and the straps are completed!

RGS aesthetics